I moved to New Hampshire this past June. My scalp started collecting buildup. It was greasy on top with no fullness at the ends. Even after washing, it would have an oily buildup. This became worse with itchiness and inflammation. I was determined to find out what was causing these issues! I bought scalp medicated shampoos and went to a dermatologist. The medicated shampoo helped some but it was very expensive and did not provide enough recovery nor really address the issue of the scaly residue on my scalp. Last week while at the salon for appointment for a haircut the stylist, I shared my scalp issues with her. As the appointment progressed, she discussed that there are a lot of issues in the area due to mineral buildup in wells. Oh my goodness! She used the Malibu C Hard Water Wellness Shampoo and Conditioner on my hair and I immediately had relief and the relief stayed longer than anything else I have tried. My hair styled like normal! I purchased the Wellness Kit for hard water and I will also be purchasing the Scalp Wellness Kit as well as the test kit to test my water. Thank you soooo much for the care and concern you put into your products. I am grateful for help from the salon and Malibu C!