This is the most awesome product. I am a natural blonde who had tried everything under the sun over the years to remove the rust from my hair. I had finally resorted to highlighting it just to keep it close to my natural color. A friend told me about Malibu C Hard Water Wellness. She had told her hairdresser about my dilemma and her hairdresser recommended Malibu C products. I was not overly excited as I had tried so many products in the past with no results. A few weeks later I decided to look the product up on the Internet and went to Malibu C's web site. 

Imagine my disbelief looking at the before and after pictures on the Malibu C web site, I was just sure someone had altered the photograph! I did eventually decide to order the Hard Water Wellness Kit, thinking I had wasted money before and wouldn't be out that much. The product arrived and without much hope off to the shower I went. What I saw after using the product just one time amazed me. My hair was dramatically lighter and I had highlights again! I said nothing to my friend about ordering and using the product. The following week we met for dinner, she noticed the difference immediately. I continued to use the Hard Water Wellness Shampoo and Conditioner every day, using the Hard Water Natural Wellness Treatment once a week.

My hairdresser was just blown away by the difference in the color and texture of my hair. The rust was gone, and it felt so good to touch. She told me how bad she had felt each time I had it colored knowing it was just going to turn orange again. I scheduled an appointment for a cut and color continuing to use Malibu C's Hard Water Wellness Kit for the next 6 weeks before that appointment. Right before my appointment I decided I should call and ask if it was safe to use the product after color treating your hair.

Malibu C's' Product Specialist Teresa Brown took my call, she was so nice and took the time to explain how and why the product works. As well as explaining why it is safe to use on color treated hair. She even took the time to talk to me about using the product on my Schnauzer who has an orange beard from the water. I am very impressed with her willingness to educate and take the time to answer my questions. I have used Malibu C Hard Water Wellness Shampoo and Conditioner every day since my last color.

Once a week I use the Hard Water Natural Wellness Treatment and the following day I use the Malibu Miracle Repair Power Protein Builder. Almost 2 months later my hair still has the same bright highlights with no sign of the rust creeping back in. My hair has not looked and felt this good in years! My hairdresser has now recommended this product to many of her clients. I wish I had taken a before and after picture, I could be a poster person for Malibu C and the Hard Water Wellness Kit, it's awesome! Anyone who is sitting on the fence, just try it, you won't be disappointed! I will not be without the Malibu C Hard Water Wellness Kit! Awesome product, keep up the great work, Malibu C!