After a consistent régime, morning and night application of Zinc C Serum for the past three months, I noticed that two carcinomas were peeling off (one on my face and one in my hair line). With continued use of Zinc C Serum they disappeared completely! Prior to using Zinc C Serum, I had to make an appointment with the dermatologist and have them burned off!
I’ve used Zinc C Serum on my face for a few years now and have seen amazing improvement.  With consistent application it has removed brown spots, carcinomas, basil cell, and even shrunk the pores on my face.
This past year I was diagnosed with breast cancer and went through chemotherapy and thirty-five treatments of radiation. As a result, the skin on my chest and back were badly burned. It looked and felt like sun poisoning.  I broke out in a painful itchy rash and my skin felt like leather. I used Zinc C  Serum on my burned chest and another product given to me by my radiologist on my burned back.  I was experimenting to find the best product to help my pain, discomfort, scaring and damage to my skin. I was resigned to the potential that I would be scarred and have to cover my chest and back for the rest of my life.
Signs of healing on my chest where I used the Zinc C Serum were present in about one week.  After applying Zinc C at least twice a day the burning sensation on my chest was gone!  The product the radiologist had given me that I used on my back had very little effect and had not reduced the burning or sensitivity like Zinc C had on my chest.
I finished my radiation treatments eight weeks ago and my chest is without any discoloration or signs of radiation, while my back, where I used the cream prescribed by my radiologist, is still peeling, freckled and dry to the touch. The comparison is overwhelmingly conclusive.  Zinc C Serum has given my skin a real lift.
I am a true believer in Zinc C and many of the other skin care products in the Malibu C line. My skin has benefited from this product more than anything I’ve ever used and I have tried them all! I have never received compliments on my skin until I started using Zinc C Serum. One friend said she just had to feel my skin because it looked soft.  That was a wonderful compliment.   I have found a skin care product that produces results. No more wasted time, energy and money searching only to be disappointed by  the empty promises made by so many of the products on the market. 
I don’t remember ever writing a testimonial before. After seeing the amazing results of Zinc C Serum during my cancer treatment, I felt I had to share this amazing product with others, especially cancer victims and survivors.  For me, it was essential for my recovery and having nice skin again was great for my self esteem.  I can move forward without distracting reminders of this life threatening illness.   Now I use Zinc C Serum for prevention, maintenance and rejuvenation.