I have had my medium brown hair professionally highlighted for decades. I always have had well water, but three years ago moved to an area where the well water has horribly high iron and other mineral content. I'd have my hair foiled with blonde highlights, only for it to turn an almost uniform reddish brown within four weeks. I began scouring the Internet for a solution and found Malibu C products. I had the Malibu C Malibu MakeOver salon treatment and WOW! IMMEDIATE RESULTS! I continue to use the Hard Water Wellness Shampoo and Conditioner as well as the weekly Hard Water Wellness Treatment packets. My highlights now remain bright as the day they were done and my stylist needs only to foil my root area. Everyone can't believe the way these products work. If you have a similar problem, have the Malibu MakeOver done in the salon then start using the Hard Water Wellness line - you will be simply amazed at the results!!! P.S. I LOVE the creamsicle scent of the shampoo and conditioner.