"I have been a sales consultant with a distributor of Malibu Wellness. Prior to working with this distributor, I was a member of a health profession. Malibu C impressed me from the very beginning. I had been talking about the benefits of Vitamin C and vitamin E for many years! I became more impressed with Malibu C products after hearing the following story - A hairdresser I called on had been in the salon business for the past seven years. She has had problems with eczema all her life. For as long as she can remember, she has been under the care of a dermatologist. After starting school to become a hairdresser, she developed severe problems with her hands. Her doctor immediately told her to switch professions. For her, that was not an option. Consequently, she has used every topical and oral medication available. Three years ago, she was told tht she had exhausted all options. She resigned herself to live with painful hands - so painful that many times they would awaken her during the night when she was sleeping. Ointments of many kinds and prednisone (orally and topically) were not enough to relieve her eczema. Then she discovered Malibu C.  Her hands have improved tremendously....for the first time in many years. The difference in her hands is truly incredible. She is thrilled!"