I don’t know where to begin; all I can say is that we love Malibu Wellness and they have been a life saver for my sister and I. I’m 27 and she is 19 and we have both suffered for years from acne. We both had very large, almost cystic acne that would leave scars and never, never went away and it covered most of our face.
Mine started in Jr. High and it has just got worse and worse over the years. Actually in my mid 20’s I totally shut off the outside world for over 4 years. I went nowhere and let no one see me. I was embarrassed and ashamed of my skin and no matter what I did or what I tried to do it just never got better. Many, many products even burned my face and made the appearance even more bothersome. Of course the more I did the more depressed I became because nothing seemed to help.
My sister has also been dealing with acne since her Jr. High years. A few months ago her depression and very low self esteem got to an all time low. She had totally shut herself off from the outside world and was little by little losing her will to live as she felt so horrible about how she looked and felt there was no hope of ever ‘looking normal’. She tried to harm herself and ended up in the hospital for a quite a while and I was desperate to help her, as was my dad. I did some research on line and was able to find Malibu Wellness and read all about the skin care. It seemed to be our answer. I called and was able to talk to somebody about both my sister and my skin issues. The more I learned the more I knew Malibu Wellness' Skin Care could help us.
We each bought the Problem Skin Kit. I couldn’t wait to take it to her in the hospital and tell her all about what I had learned. She started on it right away. We both loved how it made our skin feel, we especially loved how the Wellness Moisturizer felt on our skin, it’s our favorite product. The Zinc C Serum also delivered much relief to our sore, problematic skin. And we just could believe that the Pure Blend Facial Cleanser didn’t burn our skin like so many others had in the past.
We just couldn’t believe our eyes, each and every day our skin continued to get better, a few less pimples and redness each day. We kept using the products faithfully each day. We had true hope that we had found something that was actually going to work for us!
It has now been about 4 weeks and our skin is looking so wonderful. It’s like we’ve been given a miracle! To look at our skin today you can hardly tell that we’ve ever had a problem with acne! My sister is home from the hospital and celebrated her birthday about a week ago and it is the FIRST birthday that she has actually enjoyed in years. We had a party for her and she let people even see her WITHOUT make up on! She was smiling and happy!
I also feel so wonderful with my new skin! I now wear less makeup than ever before and can go out into public with no shame in how I look. I no longer hang my head and look down. When I walk in public now I smile and feel good about myself.
Malibu has truly been a life saver for my sister and I. I wish I could hug each one of you. We love you and will never, never forget what you’ve done for us. We’re Malibu Wellness Skin Care users for life!
Thank you so much!