I live on Guam which is hard water supplied and as a freelance hair stylist, I have been looking for a product to help revive my clients' hair from all the deposits in our water and something to help with the integrity of the hair. I used the Malibu C Hard Water Wellness Remedy on a heavily highlighted/active/ocean swimming client with fine hair and I LOVE how her hair felt during and after the remedy. She gave me updates later as I gave her a packet to try at home and she was amazed. I then later tried the same remedy on my naturally curly, long, thick, colored hair and was amazed to see my natural curl come to life. I have selling the Malibu C Hard Water Wellness Shampoo, Conditioner and wellness remedies to my clients. I have already been researching what Malibu C products to try next and plan to purchase the intro kit offered in the professional members' only section of your website. I am so pleased to finally find a product to help with island life/island hair!!