Malibu C thank you so much for taking such good care of me as a customer and creating such amazing products! I am excited to be on the road to recovering the beautiful softness and shine that my hair once enjoyed. I was first introduced to your Malibu line of products in my local salon where I appeared with what I feared was a really bad hair emergency. I had recently received an awesome new style but my hair seemed to take on a glue-like quality preventing me from enjoying the style or even my own natural unfeathered look. After years of switching products and puzzled by my lackluster results, I was amazed to learn that all this time my hair was suffering mineral buildup obscuring my naturally lighter, bouncier locks! After leaving the salon that day, I felt truly like a new woman and am thrilled that I will now have a way to maintain that feeling every day at home using the Hard Water Wellness System including the Hard Water Natural Wellness Treatments. I am looking forward to my new products and to share more good news as time goes on!