Our water well went bad this past summer and the iron content was so high that my hair became discolored with orange streaks in addition to becoming very dry. But by the time we got a new well the damage had been done. I Googled "iron in my hair" and the Malibu C web site popped up. I ordered the Hard Water Wellness kit and when I read the back it stated that for extreme discoloration to start first with an in-salon Malibu MakeOver. So I called Malibu C customer service that referred me to a local salon and I had the Malibu MakeOver service. After that one treatment the orange streaks in my hair completely disappeared. With continued use of the Hard Water Wellness kit the dryness has also greatly improved. I highly recommend Malibu C products. And I have encouraged the salon I frequent to begin offering Malibu treatments and products, too!