I am half Tongan (a Polynesian Island in the South Pacific). I have curly, coarse, thick and frizzy hair. Basically my hair has the ability to get quite large and has the tendency to do so quite often. I could NEVER let my hair air dry, the only thing I've been able to do that is after getting a Brazilian Blowout. And when I blow dry and flat iron my hair, I typically have to give my hair 24 hours before I can wear it down because I need my natural oils to have time to get into my hair to help weigh down the strands. This means I am always looking for a hair product that not only makes my hair more manageable but also helps keep it healthy. I blow dry and flat iron my hair so frequently that my hair is pretty damaged and when I started using Malibu C I noticed an immediate difference. In the past, I have been pretty unsuccessful in finding a product that helps calm my hair while giving it a great healthy look and feel. I've finally found that with Malibu C. I love the Hard Water Wellness products and Miracle Repair. Every time I use these products my hair has great shine, is so sot to the touch, and I can wear it down that same day. I would highly recommend Malibu C to anyone, and being the animal lover that I am, it's a huge bonus that the products are vegan. Lastly, you can't beat the price point, I've spent upwards of $50 on conditioning treatments and never saw these type of results. I love Malibu C.