I have a lot of iron in my water and I even have a shower filter which does not do much for filtering iron. Every time I colored my hair it would not last because of the iron buildup in my hair. My hair had stopped growing, too. My hair was getting ruined and I was very mad. I found Malibu C Hard Water Wellness Kit and the Malibu Blondes Wellness Remedies and they've worked fabulously for my thin, dirty blonde hair. Now my hair looks and feels like it used to and it's also growing again. I can't say enough about Malibu C products. I tried Malibu C because I saw a photo a woman posted online that had used Malibu C and raved about it. Now I'm raving myself because it works and I can smile again. My hair is on its way back and it stays the color it was meant to be. YAY!!! I recommend everyone use it. You'll be so happy, especially if you have iron and hard water. Thanks so much for this product.