I am a professional hair stylist and with just saying that, you know that I have tried just about every professional hair product on the market. Let me tell you I am now a believer on just how much water can affect ones hair. Like I said, I've tried a lot of great products out there but I've never seen anything like the way the Malibu C system works. Yes, I've tried build up removers that are also meant to remove mineral buildup, but all I got was lackluster and dry brittle hair as a result. The Malibu C system removes all the buildup without drying out the hair. I have well water where I live, so imagine after so many years of washing with well water my hair looked really dry, no matter how many conditioning treatments I've done. Now since starting the Malibu C Hard Water Wellness system and doing Malibu treatments on my hair before my color, I've seen some impressive results. My hair doesn't feel brittle anymore and its gotten back its life and body that I haven't seen in years! Thank you Malibu for your AWESOME products and your great knowledge on how to put such a great system together!