My husband and I moved into my old childhood house. The water is from a well and was the hardest water I have ever experienced. I never realized how much water quality matters in hair care. From the moment the water hit my head, my hair was like an impossible ball of wax. I couldn't work any product through it or separate the strands. My hair was one big knot and felt disgusting when I got out of the shower. Trying to brush through it would bring tears to my eyes because it hurt so bad to untangle it. I tried some strong 'cleansing' shampoos and they made it worse. My hair would feel greasy and thick on top and the ends became incredibly dry very fast. I started driving to my mother's house the next town over every day, but I knew I could not keep this up. I bought a shower filter and started using Malibu C Hard Water Wellness.  It has worked wonders! Seriously, I have read lots of tips like using vinegar or chelating shampoos, etc. Forget all that and try Malibu C Hard Water Wellness. It is the only product I use when I shower at home (I shower at the gym a few times a week). Eventually your hair will start to feel like it has buildup again but that is what the Hard Water Wellness Remedy is for. It works so well at pulling out the minerals that have bonded to my hair and adhered to my scalp. My hair instantly feels lighter, softer and more manageable. It makes such a big difference. It's like hitting the reset button on my hair. I feel like more people need to know about Malibu C products! If I didn't find Malibu C I would be wasting a lot of time driving to my mother's to shower and a lot of money on haircuts to get rid of the dead, dry hair at the ends.