I have suffered from eczema all my life. During beauty school it only got worse and approximately one year after graduating I had to limit my time behind the chair until finally having to completely leave the salon business. After a few years I returned to the salon and figured I would just put up with the eczema because I love doing hair! I have bought EVERYTHING trying to get relief. At a beauty show, one of your educators put a combo of Malibu C Zinc C Serum and Sensitive Skin Moisturizer on me. I noticed a difference in my hands by the next day. I hesitated buying your product since I had already spent hundreds of dollars on products that did nothing but disappoint. Finally I broke down and bought that same combo at the beauty show. You have a customer for life! I thought I was going to have to either eventually give up what I love or live with raw skin on my hands. I can truly say your products have changed my life! Thank you!