I coped with acne for eight years. However, in my effort to treat my acne, I ended up actually irritating my skin and making my condition worse.

When I went to the dermatologist, I was told that my skin looked exhausted. I tried so many products but nothing seemed to work. I have really sensitive skin and I started actually getting reactions to all the harsh treatments I was putting on my skin.

When the cream that the dermatologist recommended didn’t work for me, a friend stepped in with some advice. She suggested that I try the Malibu C Sensitive & Problematic Skin Care System, I had actually seen a Malibu C shampoo at the hair salon, but I hadn’t checked out the skin care. I looked it over and it actually seemed too simple to me. I guess because I was used to seeing strong ingredients on the label. I read all the information about the Vitamin C and it made sense to me. So I tried it. And it made a huge difference. It worked.

Before, my skin would break out with tiny bumps and it would feel tight and dry. But not any more. I’ve been using Malibu C for two years. And I haven’t needed to go back to the doctor for my skin ever since!