I used to work for a distributor of Malibu C products. At one of our management meetings, Tom Porter, president of Malibu Wellness, came to give us product knowledge on the Malibu C Collection. One of the visuals he used was cutting an apple in half, applying the Malibu C Serum to one half of the apple and leaving the other half natural. I'm sure you can guess what happens, but what is amazing is how long the half of the apple with the Malibu C Serum applied actually stays fresh with no browning. So if you've never tried Malibu C Serum, you have to do this demonstration, as the best part is it is a door opener to conversation with customers. The rest is up to you as to how many of the Malibu C Collection you share with them, and how much of their body you help protect from oxidizing. Everyone needs protection for the hair, face and body...well pretty much everywhere. Don't let that customer leave unprotected, that would be just bad business, don't you think?