“It wasn’t only painful, it was embarrassing. The last thing I wanted to do was extend my hand to meet someone when my own hand was full of sores. Others might not want to even shake my hand, plus I was opening myself to infection. When you think about it, your skin is your body’s glove and when I extended my hand with blisters, it was like having a break in the glove. I was subjecting myself to bacteria.”

For just about all of her adult life, Deborah, who lives outside West Palm Beach, Fla., has struggled with a skin condition that has been labeled as many different conditions. She visited many doctors over the years, sharing her dramatic symptoms, only to receive varying opinions on the source of the problem and how best to treat the condition.

“My hands were cracked, blistered, itching, oozing, and dry. I had about a million different diagnoses – psoriasis, eczema, contact dermatitis, and stress. At some point, it just seemed like the doctors were all trying to say the same thing, ‘I can’t help you.’”

Nevertheless, a variety of treatments were tried. “I was given cortisone creams, injections, and oral medications such as Benadryl. I tried overnight gloves with cream and sometimes wore cotton gloves in the daytime. Finally, I saw a dermatologist and he said that all the cortisone creams were actually killing the skin.”

By this time, her condition had also spread to her face. The dermatologist did an involved allergy test with patches that were to be worn for 48 hours to find out which chemicals might be causing an allergic reaction. The doctor thought she might have contact dermatitis, which would mean that her skin was reacting strongly to something touching its surface.

“I had been told by other doctors to choose products with ‘urea’ mentioned in the list of ingredients. Well, that ingredient is in probably 90% of the products out in the market now and guess what I was most allergic to? Urea!”

Deborah’s introduction to Total Oxidation Management came at an instructional seminar for salon industry professionals in Atlanta last summer. When Tom Porter, Founder of Malibu Wellness asked if anyone in the audience had dry, itchy hands – Deborah was the first to raise her hand to volunteer for an on-the-spot treatment of freshly activated Zinc C Serum.

“I immediately felt a momentary tingling. At that point, my hands were itching and burning so much, that the tingling actually felt good! I instantly felt a relief in the tightness of the skin and I could actually bend my fingers without hurting them.”

She bought her own supply of the Zinc C Serum and the Sensitive Skin Moisturizer and began applying both products two or three times a day for a solid month. The results were dramatic.

“It took a full month for the healing, but about halfway through, at about day 12 to 15, I saw a huge difference; it was 80% better. My hands and face have literally lost 10 years! On my face, you can tell that my skin is hydrated, it’s clear of the little rash and my pores look smaller. My skin on my hands finally looks like skin.”

A side benefit that she is also pleased about occurred on her eyelid, where a skin “tag” (or excess flap of skin) had developed. “It used to be such a problem trying to put eyeliner on. One doctor had told me I would need surgery to get it removed. After day 10 of the Vitamin C Serum application, it literally fell off. I can put my eyeliner on straight now.”

She looks back on all those years of skin problems and frustrating efforts with a fresh perspective and gratitude that finally her skin is normalized.

“I am so thrilled that I know about Total Oxidation Management and these products. I could have spent the rest of my life suffering, so I am thankful that I do know about this now. I’m not just treating the symptoms; I’m actually participating in the cure for my condition. You can’t just treat the symptoms; you need to treat the cause.”