Love love love love love Malibu C products. So glad my hairdresser recommended Malibu C Hard Water Wellness and Leave-In Conditioner Mist. Literally after the first use I could actually feel my hair was softer and the biggest thing was being able to actually run a comb through my wet hair with ease! I have well water and it is harsh on my hair and this product works so well to make my hair feel amazing! It smells so good, too. Malibu C Sensitiv Creme is wonderful. I suffer from acne flare ups and my skin is hard to please. This lotion is super absorbent so it doesn't sit on your skin and make you feel oily, yet it provides a lot of moisture back to your skin, leaving it feeling subtle. I noticed that it helped with redness, too. I have been telling everyone about this product and how wonderful it is! Priced well, too! In love! Thanks Malibu C.