I am an esthetician of 29 years. I work with so many demanding clients in the Los Angeles area! I have been using the Malibu C Perfection C Serum on myself as a guinea pig to decide if I want to use it on my clients as I am a hug fan of their hair care line. Also, I have wanted to compare it to other C products to the wide widely used and one of my favorites (Skinceuticals) CE Ferulic Acid. It has now been one month, and I am overly impressed with Malibu C Perfection C Serum. I have never seen my own skin look this perfect in 30 years. The impossible stubborn pigmentation is at least 80 percent gone! Even on my chest  décolleté area. I have not reacted to this as I do with Skinceauticals and the price is one hundred dollars less! The pH is balanced so there is little or no stinging and there are peptides for firming to boot! I am slowly incorporating everything in the Malibu C line in my treatments and I also am in love with the Acne Treatment Masque. It will clear up your acne in 10 minutes and I spot treat with it at night but after the first time I have not needed it again! I will be referring my clients to this line.