Two years ago, we moved into our current home. I previously had city water and now we have well water. I haven't been able to keep highlights or any sort of blond in my hair without it turning orange. I recently asked a coworker how she keeps her blond hair with well water and she sent me a picture of the Malibu C Hard Water Wellness products. I ordered the kit with the shampoo, conditioner and 4 wellness remedies. OH MY GOODNESS. This stuff is amazing, I am now able to put the blond in my hair and it stays blond! I have a stand-up box stall type shower in my bathroom, you know the kind with very little room? Well the walls and floor started turning orange from the water. The other day, after using the Hard Water Wellness Remedy, I noticed white streaks in the orange. The run off from my hair was removing the stains from my shower! Seriously, you should be selling this in gallon buckets!