Cindy who lives in Randolph, Mass., had no idea why her arms were burning up with an itchy rash, but she was lucky to have a previously scheduled appointment with the doctor. She was shocked with the instant diagnosis – poison ivy.

“I’ve never had poison ivy in my whole life, and I don’t like to do yard work very much, so I was shocked.” But she did remember that she had trimmed some bushes in her yard, so she knew that perhaps that had led to the run-in with poison ivy. “All I knew was that this was the most horrible itch I’ve ever experienced in my entire life. I couldn’t stop scratching it, yet the more I did – the more it itched,” she says.

Her doctor prescribed a cortisone steroid and gave her some Benadryl® to take when she got home. However, before doing that, Cindy stopped by her daughter’s house for a short visit. When Cindy showed her the rash, her daughter knew just what her mom needed. She told her mom to try the Zinc C Serum that she was using to treat her own rosacea condition. Cindy was skeptical.

“I told my daughter that nothing was going to help. I also told her the doctor gave me some Benadryl® to take at home. I was absolutely convinced that there was no cream or lotion that was going to put out this fire. But my daughter was persistent and she wouldn’t take ‘no’ for an answer. After we went back and forth for awhile, I said I’d try it.”

By this time, both of Cindy’s arms felt like they were on fire with the poison ivy rash. She took the bottle of Zinc C Serum and applied some to each arm, followed by the Sensitive Skin Moisturizer. Cindy felt better immediately, much to her shock.

“All I can tell you is that it worked. It just calmed the fire and the itch right away. It was just amazing and I really did not believe it would work. But it did. My daughter kept saying, ‘I told you.’ She seemed to enjoy being right, and her mom being wrong,” Cindy laughs.

“That’s okay, because my poison ivy felt a lot better.”