I have been using quite a few of the Malibu C products (both hair and skin care), and have been very happy with all of them.  But the one stand-out product that has AMAZED me is the Zinc C Serum. THIS IS ONE PRODUCT THAT TRULY PERFORMS AS PROMISED!! In short, over a year ago, I had some basal cell skin cancer removed from  a spot on my shoulder/back. They had to freeze and scrape out quite a deep spot. Not long after having the procedure done, a "knot" of scar tissue formed that was about the diameter of a half-dollar and raised above the skin level about1/2 inch. Quite noticeable, obviously. Again, it has been over a year that it had been just like that, never getting smaller or changing. I had read through the info of what Zinc C Serum is and how it works, what it's used for...etc.  and thought I'd give it a try. NOW I WISH I HAD DOCUMENTED MY EXPERIENCE WITH PHOTOS AND MEASUREMENTS! But I didn't since I wasn't sure that it would make any kind of change to this lump. BUT QUITE THE CONTRARY!!! After only a week of applying the Zinc C Serum twice daily to the lump; I started to notice that it seemed to be getting smaller in size and less reddish in color. After about the 3rd week, it is now a MUCH SMALLER LUMP, only like the size of a pea and barely raised above the skin's surface. I continue to apply the Zinc C Serum twice daily, along with the Sensitive Skin Moisturizer...and feel sure that it eventually will be gone. I REALLY CAN'T EXPRESS HOW SURPRISED I AM WITH THE PERFORMANCE of this product. I have already recommended it to several clients and family members who have issues such as psoriasis, as well as similar scarring, lumps, and holes from skin cancer removals because I'm sure they will have similar success with the product. IT IS TRULY A PRODUCT THAT EXCEEDS EXPECTATIONS!!!