I have never written a review on a hair care product before, however; I think these products warrant one. Let me start by describing my hair. It is naturally dry, thick, frizzy, and riddled with dandruff. Lovely, I know. I have tried drug store products and other professional products with much higher price points which yielded little or no results. I have been using the Scalp Wellness Shampoo and Conditioner along with the Miracle Repair treatment for nearly a year now and I don't want to try anything else. That's incredible for me, I have never repurchased a hair care product before. In fact, I usually don't even finish them before I buy something else. But these products are amazing! I don't even look at anything else. My hair has completely changed. My hair feels and looks healthy and shiny, no dandruff and it's no longer frizzy, which I thought could never happen being naturally curly. I love these products and have gotten my husband and many family members hooked as well. Thank you Malibu C for saving my hair!