I am an Esthetician in Spokane, WA. I have been working on two clients with acne. One with grade IV (most severe) as well as severe scarring. The second had a bad reaction to a local spa treatment containing salicylic acid resulting in a severe breakout lasting over a month prior to her treatments with me. With weekly In-Salon treatments as well as the home care products, both clients showed significant improvement in their skin. By the end of the first month my client with severe acne had improved to an acne grade I to II, and is still improving. The second client has completely overcome her breakout and her skin has cleared up. I am so excited that I have a product that does what I tell my clients it will do. I looked at a lot of products before choosing this one and did not find any that did exactly what it claimed. My clients not only love me for introducing them to a product that makes them feel better about themselves but also one that actually does what it claims to do! Thank You!