I am a natural light ash blonde, with partial platinum highlights. I found the local water gives my hair a "lovely" green tint, especially at the ends. After about six weeks of not knowing the cause and trying to find a solution, I came upon your site. I experienced "green hair" after swimming as a child, but never associated it with copper! Frankly, I also had no idea that the minerals in well water would have such an effect on my hair. Also being from the south, I spend a fair amount of time in a pool during the hot summer months. The research on your web site helped me find the best products for my hair to lift out the green, save my highlighted areas and help return it to its natural blonde. After using a combination of the Swimmers Wellness Shampoo and Conditioner and the Hard Water Wellness Kit the green is gone from my hair and it's not coming back! I'm really happy about the results because I also have long hair and I was originally contemplating cutting it. Now I don't have to! I'm glad I found these products and I can't wait to try more products from the line.