I wanted to share my story with you and how your products where an answer to my prayers. When I had my second child six years ago I developed severe dermatitis to my face and scalp. I sought the help of dermatologists and tried everything that they prescribed. The medication would help temporarily. I researched online any products and tried them all. I reached a point where I felt this is the best that I can do - I just have to live with the dermatitis. The dermatitis was horrible, painful, and itchy and I was so self conscious. Someone mentioned to me going to a spa and seeing what they may have to say or recommend for the dermatitis. I made myself an appointment at Carmen Delgado’s Oasis Spa in Bloomington, Indiana as at this point what did I have to lose? WOW! I started using the Purifi Pure Blend Cleanser along with Zinc C Serum twice a day. My dermatitis is not a problem for me anymore! I also have been using Malibu C Scalp Wellness Shampoo and Malibu Scalp Wellness Conditioner for my scalp, also wonderful. Thank you, Malibu C! I tell everyone that I can my story and how wonderful your products are!