My daughter, Raelyn is in the 4th grade and has dealt with prickly, irritated and sensitive skin since she was a baby. It didn’t really bother her until lately when kids in her class started making fun of her because of the ruff pimple like appearance all over her back, cheeks and arms. She didn’t want to wear shorts or even short sleeved shirts for the fear of more teasing. I stared using myVitamin C Serum in those areas and within the first 2 applications her cheeks did not appear ruff or to have pimples anymore. I also started using the Vitamin C Inside/Out  her bath water and I notice a great difference in the skin on her back and arms. I would say over half the rash on her back and ¾ of the rash on her arms is now gone. You can bet we will continue to use this every time she bathes. She never liked to show her face because of the rash and would ‘hide’ behind her hair. Now she enjoys pulling her hair back and being a girl!

Also, my son, Nicolas, who is in the 3rd grade, even requests the Vitamin C Inside/Out in his bath water as he has skin asthma and has issues with inflammation and abscesses both of which are very painful and bothersome to a very active young boy. We started using the Vitamin C Serum on the areas on his feet that get just horrible and very painful. Within the first few applications all symptoms have disappeared and we now use it as a preventative measure and have no more painful outbreaks!

I will tell you it brings me great joy and relief to find a solution that delivers such great results without being harmful to my children. We have never found anything, over the counter or prescriptive that has helped as much as Malibu Wellness products have! Nicholas is so afraid that if he doesn’t use the Vitamin C Inside/Out in EVERY bath that he will get it back. Even my children enjoy ‘being in the mode’! Thank you Malibu Wellness!